About Us and What we Do


Partnership and Quoting Services

Comparet1 works in partnership with Telarus.inc who are one of the most respected agencies in the Telecommunications world. Through this partnership we have access to many of the telecommunication providers in the US. This enables us with our Instant Quote form provide potential customers with real-time quotes for nearly any type of Data services. Our quoting software is primarily for business users although some providers will accommodate home business users.

Comparet1 has been helping customers since 2003 so has the know how and experience to assist any business looking for data services or to upgrade or change provider.  We have access to more than 200 providers to compare pricing in real-time.


Technical Consultants

If you wish we have a Technical Consultant who will discuss your quotes and tailor them to your exact requirements.
Our Consultants are unbiased and not tied to any particular carrier, so you are assured that all the information given is in your best interest.

We are adding more and more carriers all the time, so it is essential to check back with us when you are nearing the end of a contract and want to change carriers.

The quotes given are FREE and customers are under no obligation to accept our quotes. Customers can remove  their quotes and all their details with one or two clicks

The Future and Beyond

Since the foundation, we have grown, along with our partenership with Telarus.
Telarus has won numerous awards for the services we supply.

We can provide independent testimonials we have received so you can contact them about our services if you wish.

You can also use our Contact Form to ask any questions you may have.