About Us


  • Several years ago we were searching for t1 prices for several of our websites to increase our bandwidth and found the process laborious and time consuming.
  • This meant we had to approach several carriers individually to obtain quotes.
  • This was time consuming and in some cases it took several weeks to get a response.
  • This is why we developed our patented software to give instant price quotes from several different carriers in seconds and not weeks.
  • The quotes are in real-time and are current at the time of display.
  • This is done by accessing the carriers xml algorithms for any type of service required.


We are not allowed to show who the carriers are to the public so these are not displayed in the quotes,however all are tier 1 carriers such as Windstream,ACC Business,Megapath and many more so rest assured we have access to all the best carriers anywhere in the US. We also have carriers that can provide a service worldwide.

If you wish you can be put in touch with a Technical Consultant who will discuss your quotes and tailor them to your exact requirements.

Our Consultants are unbiased and not tied to any particular carrier so you can be assured that all the information given is in your best interest.

We are adding more and more carriers  all the time so it is essential to check back with us when you are nearing the end of a contract and want to change carriers.



Since foundation we have grown and Telarus are now one of the most respected Telecommunications Companies in the business.

We have won numerous awards for the services we supply. Don't just take our word for it and have a look at our testimonials or ask us for recommendations we have received so you can contact them about our services.

You can also use our Contact Form to ask any questions you may have.

You are under no obligation to accept our quotes and the service is free,however we hope you will be impressed and take out a contract with one of our carrier partners.

"I am one of those people who constantly have to be shopping for better deals with the help of the internet. Unfortunately, finding the best integrated PRI solution for my employees quickly became a manual, time-consuming process. Comparet1 has changed all of that, providing me an initial estimate in just 30 seconds and a phone call from a business communications specialist within the hour. When my business expands next year, this will be the first site I come to."

Stephen Radcliff -- Coral Gables, FL