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Cloud Computing Services

Cloud computing is the delivery of services like software, storage, networking, and data analytics, etc., over the internet (i.e., cloud). Cloud services for business offer flexible resources and economies of scale as the business pays only for the services used. It helps in lowering the operating cost. The extent of the use of cloud services can be changed with changes in the scale of business. Cloud solutions are available for different business needs, for example, API integration, managed hosting, phone systems for cloud, etc.

Let’s look at different cloud solutions that can be used to drive business growth:-

Cloud Computing Service Providers


Collaboration between different teams is necessary to leverage business growth. Zoom is one of the cloud services providers that offer a platform to record audio or video meetings and save them in the cloud for future reference. This cloud phone system can be accessed anytime from anywhere.


If your business needs a powerful Content Management System for your web applications or web content across various devices, you must be using a Drupal-based website. You can use Acquia to update your Drupal-based site. The PaaS technology of Acquia has API integrations and command line tools to organize the development workflow leading to business growth.

SAP Business Technology Platform:

It is a PaaS solution from SAP SE. It is an application services provider for creating new applications and extending existing applications in a cloud platform. You can use applications from this platform that are relevant to your business on a pay-as-you-use fee. It reduces your operating cost and has a positive impact on the business’s bottom line.

WP Engine:

A business needs an excellent web presence to reach out to a large number of potential customers. For this, the organization should have a properly functioning website. Web hosting plays a vital role in the functioning of a website. Managed hosting gives you more control and flexibility with the website. WP Engine is one of the cloud services providers that helps you maintain high performance, give you more customization and give the visitors a better user experience of the website. It helps in business growth.


If your business uses payment gateways to get payments in-house, then Finix is one of the IaaS cloud services providers that can help you streamline your payment processes. It has merchant onboarding, chargeback tools, reporting, and settlement solutions in a single platform.


If your business needs the collaborative input of many team members on a document, then the file can be shared through Dropbox. The file size limit for sharing using Dropbox is much higher than the limit provided by a conventional email client. It makes Dropbox one of the preferred cloud services for file sharing and data storage.

If your business deals with big data, there is a need to automate and handle a large volume of data. Colibra is one of the cloud services providers that help such big data companies manage their cloud-based applications by giving them a framework to automate the handling of big data. It ensures that only high-quality data is collected, leading to the growth of such a business.


If you want to stay focused on business core competencies by only managing few IT functions in-house and outsource the rest, you can choose Rackspace.

Apart from the solutions described, Azure and AWS are comprehensive cloud computing platforms.

Conclusion With technological advancement, streamlining the business operations using cloud services has become more beneficial in cost-saving with reduced hardware and human resources requirements. The business gets more control over data. It is necessary to ensure that proper cloud security and compliance provisions are followed to protect critical business data hosted on any platform from unauthorized users.

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