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Point to Point Network Connections and DS3/T3


Technology and Options for a DS3/T3 Network Connection

The point-to-point networks come with a variety of options. These are described as DS3/T3 point-to-point, DS3/T3 Internet, DS3/T3 Frame Relay, DS3/T3 Voice and DS3/T3 VPN. You must select the kind of point-to-point network that best suits your business needs.

All these different T3 point-to-point network services transmit data over a secure line that belongs exclusively to the business.

If you do not know which network connection is best suited to your needs, many DS3/T3 Bandwidth service providers also provide assistance over the phone or mail regarding the kind of network that would be best suited for your business.

Large businesses, Universities, and ISPs that are subject to HIPAA regulations and have thousands of users can consider setting up dedicated point-to-point networks for data transmission.

DS3 or Digital Service Level 3 technology is often combined with Trunk Level 3 or DS3/T3 to create powerful point-to-point broadband connectivity.

A DS3/T3 point-to-point line is often run from one point to the other through the telephone valve and this determines the amount of data that can be transmitted through the available pipeline.

The DS3 add-on to a T3 line is made possible by the use of DS3 Line cards. These cards help the Gigabit Switch router (GSR) remain connected to the DS3 connected leased line service.

These cards are electrical-based networking solutions to provide high-speed Internet service. The cards work with the Wireless LAN Controller Module (WLCM).

This module supports up to twelve access points simultaneously, while the DS3 Card technology provides a consistent, high-quality voiced data transmission through the Wireless Local Area Networking System.

The gap between the wired and the wireless is bridged via the built-in router bridges.
When DS3/T3 point-to-point connection technology is used along with fiber optic cable networking the benefits are higher.

In Wide Area Networking systems, the bandwidth and application optimization make for better efficiency and performance.

The new 3G Wireless WAN interface in conjunction with the DS3 technology has also impacted the Trunk Line 3 services positively. It is now possible to have hassle-free, secure, unlimited internet connectivity for the transmission of large amounts of data quickly and efficiently.

So, if you are looking for broadband connectivity for your office and have remote access plans for a virtual office staff, the T3 point-to-point connectivity may just be what will suit your needs.

The connectivity will meet the security requirements of your business and fit in with your budget for an economical line that connects through various local exchange carriers, Inter-Exchange Carriers, and other transport providers.
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