What is SD-WAN?


SD-WAN is an acronym for software-defined networking in a wide area network. This software uses centralized control function. This is to enhance networking and security and sensibly direct traffic across the WAN.

SD-WAN and Latency

SD-WAN solutions increases the performance of an application, which then enhance the experience of the user and increases the profit of the business. This also reduces costs for the IT.


Let us first define latency. Latency is the amount of time for a packet data to travel across the user’s network services to its destination. A high latency time accounts for poor communication, negative end-user experience, and work disruption.
Many wonder how sdwan affect latency. Keep in mind that most SD-WAN software sits outside of the data path. This means it won’t disrupt any performance. It helps steer any traffic away from latency issues. This is by detecting the best traffic routes and sending the packets through the pre-approved pipes that are set in the configuration settings.
Managed SD-WAN lowers latency by detecting any trouble areas. This helps the user avoid said trouble areas when sending data. This also allows the user to pinpoint and fix the traffic issues quickly and safely.


There are many Software defined networking vendors and providers. The following are some of the best known providers.

*Silver Peak
The proposition of Silver Peak is based on cost savings by removing/ replacing expensive private MPLS. They offer rich and very capable supporting applications, intelligent data flow, and user security.

Citrix offers both WAN optimization and powerful packet inspection Firewall. They offer SD-WAN services with IT management. They also offer physical and virtual cloud products.

This is an international company that is based in Hong Kong. They have a reputation for variable performance circuits and supporting constrained wan bandwidth.

They offer flexible WAN edge connectivity through various products such as SpeedFusion. For businesses with large number of sites that need connectivity outside of the fixed Ethernet service , Peplink is an option for you.

This SD-WAN carrier was founded in 2014. They provide wan business services that connect Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and cellular into one link. This helps increase the bandwidth of the applications.

Speedify offers a software app for both computer and mobile devices to their customers.

*Cisco Meraki
This is one of the most popular providers when discussing the basic requirements to their customers. Cisco Meraki offers price effective wan. They also feature rich offering functions such as endpoint management.

This SD-WAN provider is feature rich and can deliver a full stack of connectivity. This includes Wireless and WAN switching via a single interface and Security.

VeloCloud offers both software and hardware with full Firewall functions. The proposition of this SD-WAN provider offers benefits to businesses requiring a secure overlay that also transports independently.

VeloCloud also offers Software defined networking that has cloud compute, enterprise data centers, SaaS applications, and secure connectivity.

Keep in mind that when looking for an SD-WAN carrier pricing, read about their offers and propositions. It is also best to get the one that works well with your business. The one that provides what you exactly need.

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