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T1 Comparison Plans to DSL Connections

If you're T1 comparison shopping for your business, you probably know the industry has become more complex than ever before. The reason is that providers have invested billions of dollars trying to sway you into believing there's no difference between DSL and T1 connections.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The dirty little secret is many small-to-medium sized business owners genuinely don't know the difference. If you've heard the usual pitch, you know DSL salespeople always like to feature their quotes to T1 comparison plans.

However, it's not that simple. Because T1 connections provide guaranteed up and download speeds at 1.544 Mbps, there's hardly any comparing to do. So when you begin to do your T1 comparison shopping, it's vital you understand the details in each plan.

Compare T1 to DSL Connections for Business Service?

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T1 Comparison - Business Starter Data Plans

All T1 comparison services are not created equal. This should come as great news to you because chances are excellent your data needs aren't exactly like other businesses. For example, if you're a small business with less than ten employees each online working every day, a fractional t1 plan will easily handle your data needs.

However, beware. These types of companies typically already have a separate telephone service plan and don't require bundling both their Internet access with phone services.

Don't worry about finding T1 comparison plans that offer fractional service. All T1 lines come with 24 channels. So if your company only needs a limited amount of data resources, you'll share your T1 connection with 23 other customers.

Unlike DSL (cable, fiber optic or satellite), there won't be thousands of other users sharing your line. Integrated T1 comparison lines offer both data and voice services. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) bundled in many company T1 connections for a number of reasons.
*Free telephone calls
*All calls are digital
*Call quality is superior to phone lines

One of the best reasons to consider an integrated T1 service is you can configure your connection to allocate your T1 resources whichever your business demand requires.

Some companies divert 70% of their resources to the Internet. That leaves 30% devoted to voice. Although you must make your allocation configurations manually, it's still a smart solution to the integrated Internet and voice handling.

T1 - Business Advanced Plans

If your company's data demand needs to support large file transfers and remote users, a dynamic connection is ideal for you. What many businesses like most of all are how active T1 connections automatically allocate bandwidth where demand is highest.

You won't need to monitor data use because your service will divert needed resources to the highest demand. For power users interested in expanding data transfer beyond 1.544 Mbps, they find bonded T1 comparison plans make the most sense. Their needs include thousands of users requiring multiple T1 lines bundled together.

Remember,your t1 line cost. comparison shopping will probably lead you back to DSL offers. Although millions of homes and small businesses find DSL perfectly fine, there's no certainty of uptime. All T1 comparison services provide not only fast upload data transfer speed but also 99.99% guaranteed uptime of service.